Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sexy! MUSCLE boy taking the JAB, in his SEXY BUTT! OUCH!

Just getting a poke in the lower half.

OW! Well not all your Injections can go in your ARM! Almost done sweetie!

He's a PINCH! in the Butt!

OW! OW!  Why? does it hurt so much? The Butt is a very STRONG MUSCLE! for giving certain kinds of Injections.

Getting a Shot before dinner.

My tight BUTT gets the NEEDLE!

Nurses vaccinate one another between classes. Don't they just look SEXY injecting one another!

Forced BUTT INJECTION! She was a BAD Girl!

My Sexy BUTT can take it! JAB it in!

All Men do need to get there shots, as well as Women, Getting a SHOT in the BUTT from this Sexy Nurse is worth the pain of the needle JAB!

This is for your own good honey! She only wishes that she could be the one giving the SHOT!

The nurse took Blood from my arm, now she is going to give me a shot! I rolled up my sleeve, the nurse told me pull my sleeve down and drop my pants! this is what the nurse did next....

I hate getting SHOTS!

Yes! all these NEEDLES are going in that ARM!


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