Friday, August 19, 2016

Nurse Sarah Gets Her SHOTS!

Nurse Sarah is a very young cute Nurse, she needs to get updated on her Vaccinations, she knows that being a Nurse that sometimes you have to get "SHOTS" so here is her story.

Nurse Sarah is not that found of NEEDLES, being a Nurse in a Vaccination Clinic, she has given her fare share of shots! lots of crying & screaming, running away from her needle.
Now it's her turn to get the needle.

Cute Nurse Sarah walks into the exam room, she is greeted by a Nurse that she works with, Nurse Sarah asks if she is going to get a shot in her arm! the other Nurse tells her yes and smiles, roll up your sleeve of your left arm the other Nurse tells Nurse Sarah!
Nurse Sarah does what she is told and bares her left arm, Sarah sees the needle coming, then a sharp pinch to her upper shoulder, OW! OW! she cries, the other Nurse laughs a little then says easy there Nurse.  
The Injection is done.
Nurse Sarah looks at her left arm as the other Nurse straps a band aid over the Injection site, OW! that HURT did you have to leave the needle in my arm that long she asked, that Injection had to go right into the MUSCLE, I'm sorry Nurse Sarah. Nurse Sarah just smiled.

Young Nurse Sarah now watches as the next syringe is filled by the other Nurse, she is then told to roll up the sleeve of her right arm so that the shoulder is bared. 
Nurse Sarah does what she is told.

OW! OW! OW! Cute Young Nurse Sarah gets it in her skinny MUSCLE! the other Nurse laughs again, OW! it HURTS cries Nurse Sarah! you need to brave your SHOTS Nurse! the other Nurse tells Young Nurse Sarah.
Nurse Sarah just cries in pain.

Band Aid strap on her right upper arm and still feeling the stings of the other Nurses NEEDLES! 
Next year she will have go though it all over again.




Friday, July 22, 2016



Time to get some SHOTS!


Yes, they are all for you sweetie! so try & be a BRAVE STRONG Girl & it will all be over before you know it!

Only Hurts a little, when the needle first goes in, she is so very BRAVE & CUTE that she had no problem baring her skinny arm for the Injection that she was to get.

She then is told by the nice Doctor that she needs another JAB! in that same skinny arm were she just got a SHOT, she makes a little face when the needle is shot into her skinny arm, but no tears.

RIGHT IN HER MUSCULAR ARM! This sporty gal knew that she needed to get her school vaccinations up to date, so she went down to her local drug store & got her JAB! she proudly bared her STRONG MUSCULAR looking ARMS when she went to get her SHOT! no WIMP here. 

SEXY & STRONG proudly showing off her tiny band aid from where she got her JAB!

Waiting for the nurse to come back into the room, he was just told that he needs a booster vaccination, he a little hesitant in having a needle go in his body but it's Doctors orders.
So he waits.

OUCH! OUCH! IT HURTS! a long thick NEEDLE is JABBED into his thigh muscle! he looks away has the Injection is slowly being given, the nurse tells him to relax it will be over in a second, were my arms to skinny looking he asked the nurse, as the needle is being pulled out of his leg, no the Injection needed to be given into a heavy MUSCLE she told him.

She has a deep FEAR of NEEDLES! she hates the fact that they go in you, when you have to get a SHOT a NEEDLE is going to go into you! it's going to HURT! she has always hated getting SHOTS ever since she was little, when she was told by a nurse to roll up her sleeve & bare her arm, she knew that she was going to be JABBED with a SHARP NEEDLE! it was going to go in her skinny arm & it was going to HURT & she would cry!
When she came into work today she was greeted by a BIG looking male nurse, he smiled at her & told her that she needed to get her flu shot, she then asked him if she had to & he told her yes! he then told her in a stern voice to please bare her left arm & sit down next to him, she did so & rolled up the left sleeve of her short sleeved shirt that she had just bought yesterday, when she put it on this mourning when getting ready for work, she liked the fact that it made her look SEXY!
she sat there & watched as he prepped a Hypodermic Syringe, this always made her feel very nervous, will it HURT when it goes in she asked him? you will feel a little STING when I give you the SHOT he replied.

OW! OW! OW! she cries out! everyone can hear her cries! they then begin to laugh & she gets mad, now they all know her greatest FEAR!






Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cute Kid Showing Off His MUSCLES & Getting His SHOTS!


Check out his story.

Mugging for the camera, showing those nice PECS of his.

Check out those STRONG MUSCLES! he showed nice MUSCLE development at an early age.

They both have got very nice STRONG looking ARMS, Mom looks like she has been working out for many years, you can tell by looking at her STRONG Triceps, he has very good MUSCLES too! Now we can get a better look at those Biceps on him. NICE & STRONG

A Trip to the clinic.

Mom & Son both have had their yearly Medical Exams & passed with flying colors, but they are both told that they need to be updated on their Vaccinations! they don't remember when the last time they got them, so they both need to get re vaccinated.
Time to bare those ARMS!

He rolls up the sleeve of his red tee shirt like the STRONG & CONFIDENT Boy that he is, but he has not had that many experiences with getting SHOTS, he had to get one a few years ago but he had forgot all about the details of it & how it felt.
The nurse smiles & tells him, oh what nice STRONG looking arms you have! he FLEXES his arm as she is prepping it with a cotton ball, she tell hims to relax his MUSCLE so that the Injection won't hurt when being given.

He braces himself for the NEEDLE! the nurse slowly brings the NEEDLE closer to his arm, his arm is well relaxed & he let's out a deep breath.

He fells the SHOT go right into his MUSCLE & winces a little but not to much, the nurse slowly Injects the liquid into his arm all the while holding the MUSCLE that she is Injecting, after a moment it is over & he is given a band aid & he starts rubbing his upper arm where the SHOT was given.


When it's Mons turn, well she just looks away & thinks very happy thoughts!



Friday, June 17, 2016

Medical Check Up Day.

Time for Little Scott's Medical Check Up for Summer. Scott does not like having to go see the Doctor for any reason, but today is the first day of summer so his Mom said that he had to go!

Scott arrives at the clinic. 
He is then measured & weighed, he is getting taller by the day, his weight however is a concern for the Doctor, he looks very skinny & does not have that much muscle tone on his arms & body. 

Scott now has is heart & blood pressure taken, the Doctor tells him to breathe deep, he does. The Doctor listens to Scott's heart beat. Scott has a good heart, now for his blood pressure, the Doctor pushes up one of Scott's arm sleeves & wraps a very large cuff around Scott's thin arm, and starts pumping it up, Scott's arm gets tighter & tighter! Scott can feel is blood starting to pump! that's kinda COOL he told the Doctor, the Doctor smiled. No high blood pressure Scott is in very good health! 
He is very skinny though the Doctor thought, he knows just the thing, he tells Scott that he needs to do one more thing with him & he can go home to his Mom.

A Nice looking Nurse comes in & smiles at Scott, she tells him that the Doctor was concerned that he was very thin looking & that he would need some vitamins, oh I see said Scott can I take them when I get home? No, said the nurse I have to give them to you, I can swallow a few pills myself, Scott told her, I'm sorry sweetie I'm afraid that you don't understand, I have to give it to you by NEEDLE! Scott's eyes grew wide! after a moment he knew what the nurse was saying, are you going to give me a SHOT? Scott asked the nurse, yes Scott I am, she quietly told him.
Scott just looked at her, he could not believe what was happening, he was going to get a NEEDLE in him! he hated when he went to the Doctors & he had to get NEEDLES! he would always have to get them in his BUTT! & they HURT when going in! I don't want to get a SHOT! he told the nurse, she then replied, well your getting one Scott now don't be a BAD BOY! it's not going to be all that bad.

The nurse then draws up a large looking Hypodermic, filling it up with the vitamins that will be Injected into Scott.
Am I going to get the SHOT in my BUTT? Scott asked the nurse while watching as she prepped the syringe, no! it's not going in your BUTT! where then the boy asked? in the upper part of your arm, she told him, I never had a SHOT in my arm before, Scott boasted! the nurse smiled, then told him to please push up his right arm sleeve, Scott did as he was told, will it HURT? he asked, it might for a minute but your a TOUGH kid, RIGHT!
Scott bared his arm for the INJECTION.

He yelled out a load cry! he saw that the NEEDLE was all the way into his skinny arm, he just kept on saying OW! OW! OW! and then it was all over, the nurse quickly but a band aid on Scott's arm, he could see that it was bleeding a little, GOOD BOY said the nurse, now you can go home to your Mom.



Saturday, June 4, 2016

Skinny Arms STRONG Nurses & Shots

I Have Skinny Arms, I Don't Want to Get A SHOT!

She does not mind being called skinny at all, however she is very athletic sometimes to much for a girl, now shes all dressed up for a night on the town.

Looking HOT at the local bowling alley tonight, she loves showing off her lean slender well skinny arms, that tattoo is HOT looking to.


Today she has a medical check up, she's been told that she is in very good health, however she needs to get an updated Tetanus Shot! she makes a face, she does not like needles that much, the lab had already just took a lot of blood from her arm earlier today. 
Well the nurse informs her that she needs an Injection! "I Don't want a SHOT" she cries. the nurse leaves the room.

The nurse comes back in with a Hypodermic Needle tray, she looks at the needle its long and looks very sharp, is that needle going in me? she says, yes in your arm! the nurse replied. 

The Nurse removes her wool sweater that she had been wearing all day, getting a little HOT in here she said, the girl did not answer back. The girl could see that the nurse was very muscular looking and that her arms were very well muscled too, you look like you workout? the girl said, I do every day the nurse replied back to her in a confident tone, she could see the nurses BICEPS FLEXING when she drew up the syringe to get the Injection ready, she had really nice STRONG BICEPS on her arms. My arms are very skinny you know, does not BIG needle have to be given in my arm? the girl asked, yes said the nurse, now this won't HURT!

She pulled down her sweatshirt, she was still in her swimming outfit, she had planed to go for a swim after her medical today so she wore it to the clinic. The nurse then swabbed her skinny left shoulder, then JABBED the needle into her shoulder! she let out a load cry, then whimpered as the liquid was SHOT into her skinny MUSCLE! after a few seconds it was all over, the nurse then told the girl, you should workout more and build up those skinny looking arms of yours!

The girl then flipped the bird at her.